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A screened porch in Overland Park by Archadeck of Kansas City

Screened porch design Overland Park KS ArchadeckThese Overland Park homeowners had a beautiful backyard shaded with lots of trees. They had an existing deck that unfortunately would get covered with dirt and other items that fell from the trees. They were looking for an enclosed dining area that was protected from everything falling from the trees. They wanted to make sure they continued to have natural light on their new porch.

When considering building a screened porch or other room, It’s important to know whether you plan on using your porch for dining or seating or both. This family wanted a room for dining with their grill right nearby. They had an existing deck that was not stable so we tore it down. In addition to the porch, we added a small deck for grilling and that allows room for a small table and chairs.

Overland Park screened porch with cedar floor and deck postsFor the interior of the screened porch, we used cedar for the flooring, the wall posts, and the railing. The owner liked the authentic look of real cedar wood so he wanted to use a bit of it. For the ceiling we used white beadboard with built-in lighting and 2 Velux skylights for that extra natural light.

We used the same railings on the deck portion and inside the screened porch which was Deckorator aluminum balusters. It’s important that the porch looks original to the home so the exterior of the porch was painted to match the exterior color of the house.

You can see from the interior view that the family can still enjoy the view of their wooded backyard while keeping their eating area protected from leaves and other things that fall from the trees. They can also enjoy bug protection with the screened room.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

If you are considering adding a porch, deck, or other outdoor living area to your home, give us a ring at (913) 851 – 3325 or drop us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.

A key consideration if your screen porch will be used for dining

Have you considered adding a porch to the back of your home? If so, have you started to consider where they would go in relation to the back of your home? There are many factors that determine where your outdoor living area should be in relation to your house and those factors are different for every house. Those factors include everything from the location of windows on the back of the home to the direction the home faces and many factors in between.

Overland Park screened porch AZEK deck

The deck that adjoins to the screened porch accommodates a grill to be placed outside of the porch for easy access.

If you plan on doing a bit of dining on your screened porch, then the proximity of the porch to your kitchen will be an important consideration. When you know you will have your hands full with items being transported from the kitchen, it’s ideal if the porch is in close proximity to your kitchen. Our customers often ask us about the best place to put a screened porch and there is another reason that having it near the kitchen is a good idea. The most used room in modern houses is the kitchen when it comes to entertainment purposes. So, adjoining the porch to the kitchen will give the room more dining and entertainment value.

The elevated porch you see here is attached to a new deck made of AZEK’s Morado color. This color is a light-to-medium brown and is very popular right now. AZEK is a cellular PVC decking board that’s one of the lowest maintenance boards on the market and carries one of the longest warranties.

Gable screen Porch Overland Park Fortress steel rail AZEK deck

This elevated gable roof screen porch in Overland Park KS has an adjoining AZEK deck with Fortress steel railing.

The deck includes Fortress steel railing. The steps are also made of AZEK Morado with the Fortress iron railing. The steps are designed to connect down to the concrete patio.

The enclosed screened porch has an open gable style roof. The open gable allows for more light and air circulation. The roof has a custom roof connection into the side wall.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

If you are considering adding a porch, deck, patio or other outdoor living structure to your home, give us a ring for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. We can be reached at (913) 851 – 3325 or via email at Please take a look at more screened porch pictures and synthetic deck pictures on our website.

Overland park screen porch before after Archadeck Kansas City

Take a look at this Overland Park home before and after adding this new screened porch

Why is every one of our porches different?

It would seem that a builder that has been building a great product in a specified market for over a decade would have the design perfected. After all these years and hundreds of screen porches, might it be logical that there’s a great “universal” design? What is great is that we refuse the concept of universal design because not only is every home different but every family is different. The first question we ask on a consultation is how do you want to live in your screen porch? This seems like an easy question. Most people would say they look forward to having an extension of their home where they can enjoy the breeze, fresh air, closeness to sunlight, and easier access to the sights and smells of their back yard. But this doesn’t answer how you want to live on your screen porch. Here are a couple of key questions:

  1. Do you plan on dining on your screen porch?
  2. Do you plan on having a seating area on your screen porch
  3. Do you plan on having both dining and seating?
  4. What direction does the back of your home face?

The answers to these questions will help determine the size of the porch, the placement of the porch, and may even help determine the flooring material.

We could go on and on but instead, take a look at a few pictures of screen porches we’ve built in this area over the last decade:

Why the rebuilding in Japan means you should build your new porch or sunroom right now!

Overland Park KS Screened Porch with Treated Wood Floor and Knee Wall

Overland Park KS Screened Porch with Treated Wood Floor and Knee Wall

The devastating Tsunami in Japan seems so fresh in our minds but also so long ago. When we are hit with a major devastation, the feelings and emotions seem so fresh in our minds yet we know intellectually that these events happened much longer ago. I watched an episode of 60 Minutes a week ago that surprised me. Japan is not in the rebuilding stage but yet rather still in the cleanup stage. What this means is that soon raw building materials are going to be in tremendously high demand on the International market. What this means for us domestically is prices are getting ready to increase.

Thirty years ago, prices on raw materials such as wood were influenced by domestic demand. Now, the prices of raw materials in the States are widely determined by world demand. Many of us are staying in our homes because of the challenge in selling our homes right now at any sort of attractive price. We’re also vacationing less because we want our dollars to last longer than the span of a vacation. We want to invest those dollars into creating a relaxing or seemingly luxurious space at our own homes. What better way to do this than to build a porch or sunroom to both expand our home and enjoy a greater view of our yards and a better connection with the outdoors. Visibility to our yards and to more sun has a relaxing effect and our porches or sunrooms can give us the feeling of vacationing at home.

Kansas City Screened Porch with Screened Gable Roof and Sky Light

Kansas City Screened Porch with Screened Gable Roof and Sky Light

Prices of raw materials are getting ready to go up. I always tell my prospective customers who are thinking about building in the Fall or Winter that it might be one of the best times to build because of impending first-of-the-year price increases. The material manufacturers not only commonly increase prices at the first of a new year but some get a jump on the annual price increase by raising prices at the end of the year. Where do the rebuilding efforts in Japan come into this equation? Many of us suspect that the effects of the increased demand on raw materials from Japan’s rebuilding have already been felt. Instead, Japan is nearing the end of their cleanup and is forecasted to have a surge in demand at the beginning of 2012 at which time raw material prices may likely increase.

Now is the best time to build your new porch, sunroom or room addition.

In addition to material prices, there are a few other reasons why now is the best time to build your new porch or sunroom.

Least amount of landscape damage

When you are building a backyard structure, there can be literally hundreds of trips from your backyard to front yard. If we are demolishing your old deck or structure or replacing parts of it, the materials need to be carried out of your yard by a person. In addition, the material is carried through your yard with many trips from front to back. The best time for lots of traffic across your yard is when the grass and plants are dormant and the ground is harder. It’s easier for the lawn to recover.

Large Gable Roof Sunroom with Attached Deck in Lee's Summit MO

Large Gable Roof Sunroom with Attached Deck in Lee's Summit MO

Easier for the carpenters

We all have this scene in our minds. Carpenters sitting on a hot roof or in a chair drinking a Gatorade and wiping sweat of their face This is not for being lazy. The heat of summer not only necessitates more hydration breaks but it also slows the carpenters down.

Much shorter waiting list

We all know the best people are busy. When we’ve heard about a great new doctor or landscaper, we expect to be put on a waiting list and we’re ok with that. We expect a waiting list from the best. In the Spring, any reputable contractor is going to have a substantial waiting list. If you call in April, it may be highly likely that your project cannot be started until early summer. As a matter of fact, if you call a contractor in the Spring and they can start right away – buyer beware. In the Fall and Winter, reputable contractors will still likely have a waiting list but it will be substantially shorter.

Ability to control your schedule

Now comes the frustrating part of building in the Spring. You’ve signed up to have your project built and you anxiously wait to hear when the contractor can start only to find that’s the week you will be on vacation or the couple of weeks when you are going to have loads of people in your back yard and cannot have builders around during that time. Similarly to the point above, shorter waiting lists mean a better ability to control having the building done at a time makes the most sense for you.

Steve Folsom - owner of Archadeck of Kansas City

When you call for a free consultation, we can help you determine what makes the best sense for you. The disruption on your lives and back yard will be much less. And, you’re likely to pay significantly less.

Call us now for your free consultation at (913) 851 – 3325 or email us at

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Leawood KS Screen Porch with Custom Pella Doors, AZEK Deck and Pergola

Screen porch and AZEK deck Leawood KS

Screen porch with AZEK double deck and pergola in Leawood KS

Just like in our homes, it’s important to have individual spaces for different uses. There are different and distinct rooms for eating, cooking, sleeping, and relaxing. The same can be done with your outdoor living area as well. At this Leawood KS home, we worked together with the homeowners to build a screen porch flanked by two AZEK decks and a pergola. Each of these spaces fulfilled the need for different types of outdoor living. Equally as important, family members and friends could enjoy time simultaneously in the different areas doing different things. For example, someone could be inside the screen porch reading while another person or small group are gathering on one deck area and another person is separately grilling on the other deck area.

Leawood KS screen porch with custom Pella french door entrance

Leawood KS screen porch with custom Pella door entrance

The screen porch

Because this was a one-story home, the porch had a roof connection to the home. Based on the placement of the porch, a new connection was made from the home to the porch. We carved out a large entrance area and installed custom-made doors by Pella. The screen porch adjoins the great room in the home so it’s a nice extension of the great room. This allows the owners to keep the doors open depending on the temperature and allow air flow through the porch into their home.

Leawood KS screen porch builder designed for maximum air flow

Leawood KS screen porch builder designed for maximum air flow

The 18′ x 14′ porch’s interior has a custom tongue-and-groove cedar ceiling. The screen porch is designed to allow for a good air flow. Instead of a kneewall, divider walls were used to allow air flow under the divider rail. The gable is open to allow screens for air flow. And finally there is a large ceiling fan to increase the air flow.

Another thing that’s very important to consider is entrances and exits from your outdoor room. This screen porch has three. There is an exit to the decks on both sides and the entrance to the home as well.

Screen porch and AZEK deck Leawood KS

The AZEK deck on this side of the porch includes built-in benches and lattice skirting.

The large double decks

Both of the decks are built with AZEK acacia low maintenance PVC decking. The Acacia colors compliments the home’s subtle hues and is also quite popular right now. The seating deck not only has room for a large seating area but also has built-in benches for more seating. The deck is low to grade so no railing is needed but the benches add a nice natural rail area where the landscape would prohibit a walk down to the back yard. This deck also is nicely finished with a lattice skirting.

screen porch AZEK deck cedar pergola and patio Leawood KS

AZEK deck with pergola and eating area

The deck on the other side of the home can be used for seating and eating and also has the cooking area. In the corner, a pergola surrounds the grilling area. Along with the patio, the family essentially now has 4 outdoor rooms in which to live, dine, relax and enjoy.

As you can see, every design is as different as every home. But the design considerations for youroutdoor structurewill take a good bit more into account than the aesthetics. We will spend time with you identifying how you want to live outside. How many people do you expect will be spending time in each space? How often? How are you going to live in those spaces? Is it going to be an eating area and how large is your furniture? These are just a few of the questions we will ask you when we meet for a free consultation.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Give us a call to schedule a free consultation. We would love to work with you to discuss adding an outdoor living space or spaces to your home. Call us at (913) 851 – 3325 or email us at

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Curves are in. High maintenance decks and porches are out in Kansas City

Kansas City AZEK deck in Acacia color with Deckorator balusters and cedar railing

Kansas City AZEK deck in Acacia color with Deckorator balusters and cedar railing

Curved landscape beds have long been popular. Now we are seeing more and more curved lines built into the hardscapes and structures of our customers’ backyards. These include but are not limited to curved retaining walls, stairs, pool shapes, hardscapes and more. In this situation, these Kansas City homeowners had curved stone walls and retaining walls and wanted to continue this design theme into their new deck as well.

The deck

The owners inherited a deck that was rotting and had not been maintained by the previous owner. The old deck was rectangular and was not aesthetically pleasing and the homeowners wanted to improve the view from the deck to the pool.

The deck design and materials

In addition to adding a curved design component to the deck, we improved the view from the deck to the pool by bumping the deck out between 3-8 feet closer to the pool thus increasing the size of the deck.

AZEK Acacia deck Kansas City by Archadeck

AZEK Acacia deck by Archadeck of Kansas City

For materials, the owners knew they wanted to use low-maintenance materials to make upkeep easier. We went with PVC decking made by AZEK in the Acacia color. The Acacia color is a darker brown similar to a dark walnut color. We mentioned in a previous post that darker decking colors are quite popular right now. For the railing, we used reduced maintenance railing, Deckorator balusters and cedar railing.

Large curved Kansas City AZEK deck with small BBQ deck near 2nd story kitchen

Large curved Kansas City AZEK deck with small BBQ deck near 2nd story kitchen

The special use barbeque deck

In addition to the main deck, we also built a small deck off the kitchen door for grilling.  You can see the elevated deck as it adjoins to the 2nd story in the left side of this picture. What chef wouldn’t love an outdoor grill a couple steps outside the kitchen door? It’s like having an additional stove in your kitchen.

Kansas City elevated second story screen porch with heavy-duty screen and low-maintenance trim and we wrapped the columns with Smart Trim

Kansas City elevated second story screen porch with heavy-duty screen and low-maintenance trim and we wrapped the columns with Smart Trim

The screen porch

The owners also inherited an existing cedar screen porch that was in disrepair. It had some broken screens and trim, some cracked cedar, and a variety of upkeep issues. We stripped off all the screens, railing, and trim replacing them with heavy-duty screening, new railing to match the deck, and low maintenance rot-proof painted trim to match the house which restored this screen porch back to better than new condition.

If you’re considering enhancing, building, or giving a face lift to your back yard; consider calling a qualified licensed contractor to discuss design ideas. Whether you’re thinking about building now or in the new few months, give us a ring to discuss design ideas.

Give us a call (913) 851 – 3325, email us:, visit our website: Also feel free to enjoy many more pictures in some of our finished project photo galleries on our web site.

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What do a screen porch and the perfect outfit have in common?

Have you ever seen someone that makes you comment that they are “incredibly well put together”? When we see these people, we don’t just mean that they have a great outfit. We don’t just mean that their hair looks just right. We don’t just mean that their accessories match. What we mean is it all works. And it all works together. We know this from decorating the rooms in our house. How many of us have bought that perfect new bed or perfect new bedding set only to realize that they look totally out of place with the rest of our existing furniture or with the style of the room?

One of the very first questions customers ask me when they’re looking for a new screen porch is can I make it compliment their home. The simple answer is yes. It can compliment your house. There are a number of factors that go into making this end result happen.

Roof style

Kansas City screened porch with exposed shed style roof

This home has both a gable roof and a shed roof. The shed roof matches the shed roof above it.

One of the biggest factors to matching your screen porch to your home is the roof style. If your home has a gable roof, it is ideal to try to use a gable roof with your screen porch. The reason I say ideal is that sometimes the window placement or other factors on the back of your house do not support a particular roof style. For example, if we want to build a gable roof and the height of this roof extends vertically up to the second floor, there can’t be any windows or doors or other architectural features on that adjoining house wall as we can’t have the porch ceiling obstruct the view from second story windows. In this case, we may likely need to choose an alternate roof style.

Wrap-Around Screened Porch Overland Park

Wrap-Around screen porch in Overland Park

Sometimes choosing a roof style is even more complicated. Your house may have two or even three roof styles. You may have a gable roof along with a hip roof and possibly even the addition of another roof style. This allows more flexibility in choosing the roof style for your screen porch. As you can imagine, the roof style can make the price vary quite a bit.


Scale is very important when designing a screen porch to match your home. If you have a huge screen porch with a smaller home or a tiny screen porch with a larger home, the simple scale of the two will not compliment the home the way you wish.

Footprint of the back yard

What kind of footprint is in the back yard? There might be jogs and jigs where the kitchen or other rooms jut out. Look at how the shape of the porch will compliment these. Is there any landscaping, trees, or things you don’t want to move? All of these elements help dictate how we can design the screen porch to match your home.

Archadeck Kansas City screen porch matches house

Archadeck Kansas City screen porch matches house

Exterior colors and trim work

Does your home have a particular type of siding? What color is it? Matching the exterior of your screen porch with the materials from your home’s exterior is a huge factor. In this picture, you will see a number of elements that aided in matching this screen porch to the home. You will note that the gable roof matches the gable-shaped window set on the back of the home. The porch trim matches the trim of the house. And, the siding on the kneewall matches the siding on the house.


Screened Porch with Lattice Skirting and Pergola in Overland Park, KS

Screened porch with lattice Skirting and pergola in Overland Park, KS

Based on the elevation of your back yard, you may need an elevated screen porch. See how this screen porch in Overland Park is elevated to match the home. You will also notice that no knee wall is used so the elongated vertical screen shapes match the elongated vertical windows of the home.

Outside your porch

There are ways outside of your screen porch design to blend your porch into your home. Landscaping has a big impact on blending something with your house. What it tends to do soften the lines of any addition whether deck, porch, etc. and makes it flow better into your yard’s footprint.

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Screened porch designed to fit the home's architecture

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Steve Folsom,

Archadeck of Kansas City