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Overland Park Screened Porch with tile floor

AZEK Brownstone deck and screen porch Overland ParkWe recently completed a screened porch and deck combination in Overland Park. The homeowners had an existing deck but wanted a porch and deck combination. The owners wanted a tile floor on the porch so we had to remove the old deck and install a new foundation suitable for tile. A traditional deck is not able to hold tile.

Beautiful tile floor Overland Park by Archadeck

Beautiful tile floor Overland Park by Archadeck

Tile is a unique flooring choice for a screened porch that affords much design flexibility. Additional benefits include tile’s durability and that it’s long lasting, and requires little maintenance.

Overland Park screened porch by Archadeck

We designed a gable roofed screen porch to attach to house in the area they wanted. The porch has cedar wall posts and a painted bead board ceiling. We installed ultra-heavy duty screening and railing on porch with Deckorator metal balusters.

Large screened in porch Overland Park tile floorThe homeowners wanted a new custom door installed in the house. We removed the sliding doors and added French doors instead.

The deck is built using AZEK brownstone. Since it’s low to the ground, it does not require railing. We added custom skirting underneath the porch and deck to close off a lower area for looks and to keep animals out.

The owners are thrilled with their new porch and deck.

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Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

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Three key ingredients in this Overland Park screened porch

Every job we build is different because each one is based on each homeowner’s distinct needs and wants. So while there’s no “recipe” for the perfect project, there are a few key components or ingredients in this project that that mark the Archadeck difference.

  1. Custom roof solution
  2. Stunning, high quality materials
  3. Looks original to the home
Overland park screened porch ipe floor

Overland Park KS screened porch addition with challenging roof connection

Often times, customers will call us and indicate that based on their unique roof configurations or architectural constraints, other builders said that adding an addition to the back of their home simply couldn’t be done. In most cases, we are able to design and build a unique solution to attach a roof to their home. If you look at the picture to the right, you’ll noticed a couple roof lines that attach to the gable roof of the new screened porch. This was a complicated connection where we connected to the back wall, to a side roof and to a side wall. We had to design the screened porch specifically to do all of these difficult connections.

Ipe cedar screen porch Overland Park Archadeck

Notice the beautiful Ipe wood screened porch floor in this Overland Park screened porch

The second key ingredient in this screened porch was the high quality materials. The flooring of the porch is Ipe which is an exotic hardwood. In addition to being beautiful, this porch floor is ultra durable, will never rot, and requires minimal maintenance. The homeowners were looking for a natural product that was “the ultimate in durability and aesthetics”. In addition to the Ipe floor, we also used cedar wall posts and a beadboard ceiling.

The final key ingredient to this great screened porch was the degree to which this porch addition looks original to the home. The gable roof compliments the gable roof lines of the existing home. In addition, the exterior of the porch is painted gray to match the house. Other more subtle details like matching gutters and soffits also make the new porch look like it’s original to the home.

screen porch and patio Overland Park KS

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

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Top 4 factors to consider when selecting screen porch and open porch flooring

Traditionally, outdoor porch floors have been built with woods such as pressure-treated pine. This includes front and back porches as well as open and screened porches. Wood flooring is attractive, can be long lasting, and gets the job done. Pressure-treated woods such as pine, cedar, or fir can last 15-20 years or more when protected with paint or stain.

Screen porch Overland Park cedar floor wallposts

Screen porch Overland Park cedar floor wall posts

In the last 15 – 20 years, a new category of outdoor flooring has emerged, grown and improved over time. There are now many options in man made flooring and decking materials. These provide a number of benefits which include protection from rotting, splitting, cupping, checking, splintering and protection from structural damage from termites or fungal decay. The new man made decking boards that provide this protection are called composite. There is another man made material that provides that same protection but also provides protection from fading and staining. This material is made of PVC and includes brands such as AZEK. These new man-made woods eliminate painting, staining, and upkeep.

There are a few companies, including AZEK, that make specific tongue & groove PVC flooring designed for porches only. This porch flooring has no gaps. Decking has gaps for draining. This tongue & groove PVC floor provides a traditional porch floor that looks like a painted solid wood or hard wood.

Tile or stone floors are also an option for screen porch floors. You can get many different colors and materials. This is also a low-maintenance option. Stone and tile floors don’t provide for drainage so you may need to mop up water on floor.

Leawood KS Screened Porch with Cedar Trimmed Roof and Slate Tile Floor

Leawood KS Screened Porch with Cedar Trimmed Roof and Slate Tile Floor

At the end of the day, the decision will come down to 4 factors. The first factor is the amount of maintenance you’re willing to do. Are you willing to do annual painting staining or sealing or willing to pay someone to do that? The second factor is performance. Man-made materials have superior performance which becomes even more important on unscreened porches such as open back or front porches. The third factor is price. AZEK, ipe, tile, and stone are on the higher end. Composite such as TimberTech less expensive. The most economical option is pressure-treated wood.The fourth factor is aesthetics. The looks that can be achieved through each of these materials are substantially different.

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