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Modern screen porch with timeless materials in Shawnee KS

Shawnee KS Archadeck vaulted ceiling porch with fireplace lrThis Shawnee KS screened porch seamlessly brings together timeless, traditional, and modern. Integrating a rich Ipe Brazilian floor and a ceiling finished with tongue and groove cedar, the room gets it warm and rich contrast to the bright and airy walls and fireplace. The fireplace has a light-colored stone fascia. The railing walls creatively mix together a low kneewall as well as railing. This wall provides some privacy along with visibility into the yard. The furniture continues the theme of contrast and simplicity with lightly colored sofas and a bright focal chair.

Taking a look through the screened area in the photo above, you’ll notice that the fireplace was strategically placed on the wall. A fireplace will will obstruct a view so it’s important to design the fireplace in an area of the room where you might want to block the view. This fireplace placement obstructs the view of the immediate neighbor’s house while Shawnee porch with outdoor firepalce and TV lropening up the view to the yard and landscaping. In this picture, you’ll see how the screen placement also provides a view to the homeowners’ hot tub area that was incorporated into the outdoor portion of this dream outdoor living space and to the children’s play area.

The fireplace wall has a TV mounted above the gas ventless fire box. This room truly mixes together timeless, traditional and modern. For a tour of the exterior portion of this Shawnee outdoor living space, read more about the Ipe hot tub deck and patio.

The open gable roof creates a bright and airy feel in the room. Also notice the electrical amenities of lighting and installed speakers.

The open gable roof creates a bright and airy feel in the room. Also notice the electrical amenities of lighting and installed speakers.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

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Screened porch interior designs in Kansas City

Kansas City Screened Porch by ArchadeckWith an interior house room, the floors and walls aren’t typically the hallmark features of the interior design. The design is often created through furniture selection, wall hangings and other things that are added to the room.

With a screened porch, the central features of the interior design are often the structural components of the porch itself. While your porch will be an extension of your home from a living perspective, it will have its own design identity. It will have different flooring, walls, and ceiling than the other rooms of your house.

While screened porches of the past may have had a simple exposed wood construction with quite a rustic look, screened porches of today have a myriad of material selections which dramatically affect the finish and thus the interior design of your screened porch.

Here are some of the options.

Kansas City screened porchFlooring

There are many flooring, colors, textures, and products available. We build floors with various types of soft wood and hard wood. We also build porches using composite flooring. Composite is very popular right now followed by wood as a flooring choice.


Popular railing selections include wood, metal and composite and these vary by colors, thicknesses, and style. Dark colored metal railings are very popular now because of the visibility they provide. The thin spindles and the dark color encourage your eye to look past the railing into the yard.

Kansas City screen porch with wood floorWall Columns

There are many wall column options. Columns vary greatly in size, type, color and finish. The columns affect the ambiance of interior design. Right now cedar and pine are very popular. Some homeowners like painted white columns and some want them stained. These choices are both popular


Although you might not think there are many ceiling choices, in fact they are many including ceiling trim, colors, and type of trim. The ceiling can be painted, stained, wood toned, or white. The traditional classic white ceiling is always popular but some people want more of an outdoorsy cabin style look and might go for wood-toned look.

Velux skylights Overland Park KS screen porchStructural Elements

There are structural elements that can be used for architectural emphasis such as beams and trusses.  These architectural elements can serve a functional or aesthetic purpose.


Although the roof is an exterior component, it has a dramatic effect on the interior. The roof style and height contribute to the feeling of openness. With our customers, more than 99.9% of the ceilings we build are vaulted.

Because your roofed structure component choices will be so critical in the overall design of your new room, ask lots of questions of your prospective contractor. Ask about options and the pros and cons of the various options. A good contractor will be patient and enjoy the process of helping you with these selections.

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