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Top 9 ways people use their Kansas City area screened porch

Kansas City porch with outdoor fireplaceWe’ve been building screened porches here in the Kansas City market for many years. When we meet with prospective homeowners, the first question we always ask is how they want to use their space. Most of the activities listed below are very common. A couple are unique that we thought we’d add for fun. A screen porch works for every person and furry being in your household. It works for young, old, women, men, as additional space, as your favorite space, during the day, at night and in many more situations.

A screened porch is an enclosed area which has numerous benefits as you’ll see below. Enjoy our top 9.


1: Eat, drink and be merry

Have breakfast

Drink your morning cup of coffee – in your pajamas (you’ll have much privacy on your screened porch)

It’s the best bug-free outdoor dinner location around


2: Watch

Have small children play while Mom is working in kitchen so she can keep an eye on them

Watch baseball or football game on TV on your porch

Get up close to a summer thunderstorm without getting wet – listen to the rain


3: Don’t watch

Send the dogs out when they’re under foot without worrying about them leaving

Send older children out when they’re under foot without worry of them leaving


4: Sleep

Take a nap

Sleep outside over night

Kids’ overnight camp out where they’re protected from bugs and/or rain

A great place for teen sleepovers – keep the giggles outside

A great place when your college-aged child brings home 4-5 friends for the weekend


5: Work

Enjoy an outdoor afternoon working on laptop catching up on social media and email

Move a desk out to use for paying bills or your remote office on nice days


6: Play

Entertain family and guests – food, drinks, both

Girls’ night in? Cigar night? Book club? Poker night?


7: Pet porch

Dogs watching for wayward cats and treacherous squirrels

Cats keeping a watchful eye over everything


8: Snuggle

Enjoy your outdoor fireplace on a cool crisp fall day

Sit close and hold hands for date night in


9: Read

The morning newspaper

Your favorite book


Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

The most important items on this list are under #10 – the way you want to live on your screened porch. If you’re considering the addition of an outdoor fireplace – or a deck, porch, patio or other outdoor living structure – give us a call at (913) 851-3325 for a free consultation or email us at We look forward to your call.