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Is it cheaper to repair or replace a deck?

Enhanced outdoor living is at the top of many local homeowners’ lists of home improvement projects.

If you are thinking about upgrading your deck, you are likely wondering whether you should invest in a completely new build. Is it much cheaper to repair or replace a deck, though? It all depends. Are you talking about replacing one or two boards on your deck, or undertaking a full redecking project? If your deck structure is built to code, properly attached to your home, and still has usable life left in it, replacing a few damaged decking boards will be less costly than building all new. The problem is, many homeowners are not sure of the age of their deck structure. They are unsure of whether the structure is properly attached to the home. They too, are unaware of whether the deck structure has damage, such as that caused by termites.

Carpenter ant damage at the deck connection on the home.

If you are considering redecking, the money you would save on keeping your existing structure is minimal. Your money would be better invested in an all-new deck.

We always recommend building a new deck, rather than redecking or extensive deck repairs.

It is not only because of the potential damage or poor deck structure construction that Archadeck of Kansas City recommends building new instead of major deck repairs or redecking. Redecking an aged wood structure with premium composite decking materials puts each element of the deck on a different timeline. The structure is well-aged already and the composite, all-weather decking is manufactured to last for decades. Owner, Dan Hall, says, “You wouldn’t purchase a new luxury car and put your old car’s tires on it.”

Deck collapse due to poor deck-to-home connections

While Archadeck of Kansas City does not repair decks, if you require only a small amount of repairs, we recommend reaching out to a company that does. Such a company will be able to inspect your deck structure to determine whether it is worthy of a simple repair or if it requires replacing.

Olathe Kansas deck with cable railing

We build premium heartland decks, but we are not just deck builders.

Archadeck of Kansas City doesn’t simply build heartland decks, we custom-design each deck to suit the specific needs of each client. Our custom deck design process ensures that the deck you wish for is the one you receive in the end. During your in-home design consultation, you will be shown various materials options, as well as past projects that are similar to what you have in mind. This consultation also allows our Design Consultant to see your property, noting any potential problems with your intended size and layout. Don’t have ideas about size and layout? That’s okay! We can help with that too.

Parkville MO TimberTech deck design with lighted stair

Choose Archadeck of Kansas City as your deck builder. We are locally owned deck contractors in the Kansas City area, who have been designing and building custom decks since 2001! Call to schedule your deck design consultation at (913) 851-3325 or email us at kansas-city@archadeck.net.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners
Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Screen Porch Ideas

If you are thinking about building a screen porch, you likely wonder what will make your porch perfectly your own.

Looking for screen porch ideas? Archadeck of Kansas City has been designing and building screened in porches since 2001 throughout the Kansas City area. We have built porches of every shape, size, and orientation. We have a good grasp on what homeowners are looking for in a new screen porch design for both aesthetics and function. Check out these fantastic ideas for your new porch!

Here are some great screened in porch ideas to inspire your own porch design.

screen porch ideas

Screen porch idea 1: Beautiful outdoor fireplaces

One of the most popular options for the screened porches we build is an outdoor fireplace. Not only does an outdoor fireplace add a bit of warmth on cool days, it also provides a beautiful focal point and ambiance abound. That is why adding an outdoor fireplace is one of the most popular screen porch ideas around!

Screen porch idea 2: Radiant porch heating

Radiant heating is one of the newest screen porch ideas that is trending in the Kansas City market. While building an outdoor fireplace into your new screened porch will add a bit of warmth, including radiant heating will really warm up your porch. About 60% of our screened in porch clients choose to add heating to their porch plans, which gives them much more time spent outdoors each year.

Screen porch ideas - radiant heating

Screen porch idea 3: Finished porch ceilings

Porches in days of old might have excluded intricate porch ceilings, or even finished ceilings altogether. Today, however, clients want complete electrical installations. Not only does adding a finished tongue and groove ceiling accommodate wiring, lighting, and fans, it adds a lovely custom aesthetic to any porch design. In addition to tongue and groove porch ceiling finishes, some clients wish for exposed beams to offer a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic to their screened porch.

Screened porch idea 4: Painted ceilings and trim

One of the benefits of hiring a screened porch design firm is that we can help you achieve a cohesive aesthetic between your home’s exterior and your new porch. While some of our clients love the look of pine or cedar ceilings and trim, others like the appeal of a porch that is painted in the same color palette as their home. In addition to achieving a complementary or matching porch design, paint can bring a more contemporary flair to a porch. A painted white ceiling, like the ones you see below, will even help an otherwise dark porch appear brighter.

Screen porch idea 5: Mixed materials and finishes

While it’s true that screen porches can be painted for color harmony, they can also be finished to include complementary colors and finishes. The screened porch below is a great example of mixing materials and finishes. The stark white paint and fireplace are beautiful complements to the Ipe hardwood flooring, as well as the tongue and groove ceiling. These mixed-materials porches can provide a refined and rustic aesthetic together.

Screened in porch idea - mixed building materials and finishes

Screened in porch idea 6: TV walls

This is one of our clients’ favorite screen porch ideas. Often, they wish to add a fireplace to their porch, partly to accommodate an outdoor TV. However, a fireplace will add a lot of cost. Whether you prefer your new porch without a fireplace or a fireplace does not fit into your budget, a TV wall can be added instead. TV walls can be constructed on your exterior porch wall or on a more interior wall for ample protection. They can be constructed of natural wood, painted wood, drywall, or your choice of material. TV walls, like fireplaces, can become a focal point on your porch, and can additionally provide privacy to your porch.

  • Screened in porch idea - TV wall

Screen porch idea 7: Custom lighting

Screened porch lighting can come into your porch design in many ways. Many of our clients love having overhead lighting by way of recessed lights or ceiling fans, which is great for task lighting. For more ambient porch lighting solutions, clients also love choosing beautiful sconces, pendant lights, and our custom porch perimeter lighting, for which we build a special ledge around the exterior porch walls.

  • Screen porch idea - custom lighting

Screened porch idea 8: Surround sound installation

Since our screen porches are built with finished ceilings, many of our clients love adding extra electrical amenities. In addition to TVs, lighting, radiant heaters, and ceiling fans, our porch clients also love to have surround sound installed. Adding speakers to your screened porch will help you ramp up movie night or enjoy sporting events viewing without outside noise distractions.

Screened porch idea - surround sound

Screen porch idea 9: Comfortable furniture

Not every screen porch design need have run-of-the-mill outdoor furnishings. Many of our clients choose high-end indoor/outdoor furniture, which provides as much comfort as their indoor sofas and chairs. This provides a supremely luxurious aesthetic, as well.

  • Screen porch ideas - comfortable furniture

Screen porch idea 10: Porch sunshades

As much as our clients love spending time outdoors, harsh sunlight can prohibit use during certain hours of the day. Therefore, they choose so to have custom sunshades installed on their porches. These shades can also help protect furniture and finishes within the porch from sun and rain.

Screened in porch idea - custom sunshades

Which of these screen porch ideas was your favorite?

If you are searching for screen porch builders in the Kansas City area, choose Archadeck. We are locally owned porch and deck contractors in the Kansas City area, who have been designing and building custom outdoor spaces since 2001!

Call to schedule your deck design consultation at (913) 851-3325 or email us at kansas-city@archadeck.net.

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Can we add a roof to your Kansas City area deck?

Perhaps we can add a roof to your Kansas City area deck. Read about what’s involved in making that determination.

We are often asked if we can add a roofed structure to an existing deck. The answer is… it depends. It depends on the structure of the deck. If your deck was well built from the beginning, it is possible that the deck could support the additional weight of a roof without making any changes to your deck. However, it is more likely that even if your deck substructure was very well built, it will at least need some reinforcement to support the additional weight of a roof. There are strict building code requirements about holding up a roof so we need to ensure those will be met.

Archadeck is a choice deck builder in Kansas City, who can help you decide if adding a roof to your deck is possible. We are one of the only deck contractors, who builds gable roofs to boot!

We recently finished a job in Shawnee KS where the homeowners did have a well built deck that only needed some reinforcements to be able to support their new porch roof. The original deck had a strong beam but the beam was away from the edge of the deck. For a roof, the structural support needs to be right up at the edge. We added new columns and new footings to make sure the rim of deck was strong enough to bear the weight of the roof. We installed all new posts at the rim of the deck while leaving other recessed posts and beams in place. There wasn’t any reason to take the old posts and beams out so we left them in place. However, some decks are so poorly built that it might be more cost effective to tear the entire deck home and rebuild it from scratch.

The next step in adding any sort of new outdoor living space to a home is making sure it fits well with the architecture and aesthetics of the outside of the house. Our goal, as yours, is to make your outdoor living addition look as original to your home as possible. With this porch, we utilized a shed roof style to match the home.

We also designed and installed a new BBQ grill deck landing area and new steps for the area. This particular porch is about 7′ in the air so creating an adjoining grilling space at the same height allows the grill chef to interact with others enjoying the porch.

Can we add a roof to your Kansas City area deck? Yes, most likely. We will evaluate your existing structure and let you know for sure and let you know any additions or changes to make it happen.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

If you’re considering the addition of a deck, porch, patio or other outdoor living structure – to your Kansas City area home, don’t wait. Give us a call at (913) 851-3325 for a free consultation or email us at kansascity@archadeck.net. We look forward to your call.

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Is a covered deck worth it?

If you are considering a covered deck for your home, there can be multiple value-added benefits!

Many of our clients build covered decks and porches. They often will cover at least a portion of their outdoor living space to add more
usability. Building a covered deck will add value to the myriad ways you can use your space. A covered deck, or deck with a roof, will
offer full weather protection, which will allow you many more hours outdoors each year.

covered deck by Archadeck of Kansas City
Covered deck by Archadeck of Kansas City

A deck or covered deck is a great home investment.

Whether you choose to build a covered deck, open deck, or screened deck, any choice is a worthy investment. According to the most recent Cost vs. Value report, a deck addition is in the top 10 outdoor home upgrade investment choices you can make. Depending on where you live in the United States, and which type of deck you build, you can expect anywhere from a 63% to 81% return on your initial investment. Some clients prefer to cover their deck with a pergola, but there are downsides to choosing a pergola over a full roof design. Read about pergolas vs. roofs here.

pergola covered deck in Lee's Summit MO
Pergola-covered deck in Lee’s Summit MO by Archadeck

What are additional benefits of covered decks?

Covering your outdoor living space with a roof can introduce a plethora of comfort amenities into the space. Roofs do not simply protect us from the weather outside, they can accommodate radiant heating, lighting, ceiling fans, and more! These amenities will offer a true multi-seasonal outdoor living addition. Screening your deck in will offer additional protection from insects, tree debris, and wildlife.

screened covered deck with radiant heating, lighting, and outdoor fireplace
Screened, covered deck design with radiant heating, lighting, and outdoor fireplace by Archadeck

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Choose Archadeck of Kansas City to be your covered deck builder. We are locally owned deck contractors in the Kansas City area, who have been designing and building custom decks since 2001! Call to schedule your deck design consultation at (913) 851-3325 or email us at kansas-city@archadeck.net.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners
Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

What is a deck with a roof called?

Depending on where you live, a deck with a roof could be called different things. What do you call a deck with a roof?

Since we are Kansas City area deck builders, we will first address the local terminology. Archadeck of Kansas City’s clients typically refer to a deck with a roof as a covered deck. However, other terms relating to these outdoor living spaces are: covered porch, open porch, and more simply, a porch.

A deck with a roof is often called a covered deck.
Covered deck in Prairie Village, KS – by Archadeck of Kansas City

Why are decks with roofs so popular?

These days, many clients inquire about designing their deck to include a roof. Obviously, covered decks provide more usability by offering protection from rain and harsh sunlight. But at Archadeck of Kansas City, we know that deck roofs can provide much more than that. They are striking architectural features, and can be custom finished inside with pine or cedar wood tongue and groove. Deck roofs can also be outfitted with electrical installation for lighting, ceiling fans, and radiant heating, which makes the deck even more usable – at night, during hot summer days, and even on cool days. Not only that, but if you really want to add a roof to your deck project, but fear it might make the interior of your home too dark, we can add skylights to your roof.

A covered porch roof can have heating, lighting, fans, and skylights.
Prairie Village covered deck with lighting, fan, radiant heating, and skylights – by Archadeck of Kansas City

What if your deck builder says you can’t have a gable roof on your new covered deck?

Archadeck of Kansas City designs and builds many covered decks with gable roofs. It’s the most requested roof line for our decks! If you have received a quote from another deck builder, who says they cannot build your covered deck with a gable roof, call on the design-build experts at Archadeck. One complimentary design consultation will allow us to determine whether your new deck can accommodate a gable roof! Not every local deck builder offers gable roof design and building.

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Covered deck in Johnson County, KS – by Archadeck of Kansas City

What if you don’t want to fully cover your deck?

No problem! Archadeck of Kansas City builds many combination outdoor living spaces. If you prefer to have only a portion of your deck covered, we can design your space to have one covered area along with an open-air area. With a covered deck and open deck design, you can have the best of both worlds.

Leawood, KS covered deck and open deck design – by Archadeck of Kansas City

If you want to add a great focal point and ambiance to your covered deck, consider a custom outdoor fireplace for your space!

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Is a roof your only option for a covered deck?

While roofs are very popular, some folks prefer partial sun protection provided by a pergola. Pergola covered decks also popular, because pergolas are beautiful design features. Like a roof, a pergola can be equipped with electrical installation for fans, lighting, and more.

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Lee’s Summit, MO covered deck with pergola – by Archadeck of Kansas City

Are you ready to design and build your dream custom covered deck? Choose Archadeck of Kansas City as your deck builder.

We are locally owned deck contractors in the Kansas City area, who have been designing and building custom decks since 2001! Call to schedule your covered deck design consultation at (913) 851-3325 or email us at kansas-city@archadeck.net.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners
Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Heat options to extend the months you can use your screened-in porch

Many people ask us how many months throughout the year they’ll be able to use their Kansas-City area screened-in porch. It would be difficult to provide precise information since every winter is different. We want to share some porch heating options along to provide more insight in answering this question.

Screened-In Porch with Outdoor Porch Fireplace

A porch outdoor fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to a screened-in porch

There are multiple options for controlling temperature in your screened porch and they each have different costs and levels of effectiveness

Are windows a good option for the colder months?

When in the planning stages, the first thing our clients often ask is whether they should have a room with movable or removable windows. There are different types of movable windows including glass or plastic, to name a couple.

Movable or removable windows have some substantial pros and cons. If you want to simply stop wind and that’s your only objective, windows are a possible option. But in the summer months, almost every kind of window will make the porch hotter which is generally not desirable as you likely look to your porch to enjoy a cool breeze and to escape baking in the sun. Completely removable windows sound attractive on the surface but have their own set of peculiar drawbacks. They are large, bulky, hard to handle, hard to store and can be quite heavy. For these reasons, and because they add heat to the porch in the warmer months, windows are not a very popular option.

How about sliding windows?

If you’re looking at sliding windows of some type, they all increase your cost and usually block 50% of the air flow even when they’re open. Just like windows in your house block airflow, so do sliding windows on your porch. Consequently, with windows of any kind, you’re sacrificing some cooling in the summer to gain more weather control in the colder months and you’re also increasing costs. While we generally don’t advocate using windows for your screened porch, there are great heating options available.

Here are some great heating options.

For heating your porch, there are multiple choices. One option is electric radiant heating using outdoor weather-resistant radiant heaters. These heaters are usually permanently mounted and wired. They work really well but they do have a drawback. Because of the amount of power they use, they generally require their own circuit wired to your main panel which can be inconvenient and costly.

A less expensive option that is quite flexible is propane or natural gas floor-mounted heaters which are portable and come in serval sizes and configurations. They are portable and are not too expensive. They have the advantage that they can be moved around to suit different furniture configurations or moved completely if desired.

The last heating option is an outdoor fireplace which goes far above and beyond because it has aesthetic benefits as well as functional benefits. A gas fireplace puts out a considerable amount of heat and adds ambiance to the porch.

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There are also some portable floor-mounted electric heaters that are inexpensive but most are low power, don’t put out a lot of heat and will be less than desirable other than to heat just one small corner of the porch if that’s the goal. They will do a limited amount of heating but they won’t heat up much more than one person in a chair.

As you read above, there are some great ways to achieve a little warmth on your porch allowing you to enjoy it more months out of the year. If you are looking for a Kansas City porch builder, give us a call for a free consultation at (913) 851-3325, drop us an email at kansascity@archadeck.net or visit our website to view more pictures and contact us online.

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Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

When is the cheapest time to build my new Kansas City porch or deck?

You’re probably not going to like the answer, but the cheapest time to build your new Kansas City porch or covered deck was 5 years ago.

It is not more expensive to build a Kansas City porch or deck because because our prices have gone up. It’s because material costs have gone up and will continue to go up since the economy is strong nationwide. Kansas City porch - screen porch designWhen times are good and the market will bear price increases, manufacturers and material suppliers take that opportunity to increase prices. We didn’t see these price increases back in 2008 and 2009 after the economy crashed but now we see them regularly and without any notice whatsoever.

We realize that the nature of planning and obtaining qualified, skilled firms to build outdoor projects and home improvements can be a long-term process. We know that a tremendous amount of thought and planning, as well as saving and budgeting, have gone on behind the scenes before homeowners contact us. We also know that when homeowners are ready to move forward with their project, they are anxious to start enjoying their new space as soon as possible. The challenge is that all the qualified and skilled firms are likely to be working months out into the future.

Here are some important timing factors to consider regarding when your new outdoor project will be completed and ready to enjoy

  • The design process takes time
  • The process of narrowing choices and selecting materials takes time
  • The process of permitting takes time
  • The shortage of skilled labor extends these timelines further
  • All reputable builders have a wait before starting projects – probably in direct correlation to how strong they are as a builder

Since there are a number of time-consuming factors involved and since materials price increases could always be looming, what’s the best thing to do?

Lenexa AZEK deck screen porch with TVThe best thing to do when you make your decision is to recognize the process and make the right choices for you since you will enjoy this space for many years in the future. Further, it’s important to understand that it’s worth the wait to ensure that you have numerous years of optimal enjoyment in your new space. It’s likely that most reputable builders have had calls from homeowners who went with the quickest option only to be disappointed and were then forced to look for another builder to fix that project that didn’t meet expectations.

Choose well, move forward instead of waiting and be patient enough to have the right project built by the right builder having made the best design and material decisions for how you want to live outside.

If you’re thinking about waiting to build your Kansas City porch or deck…

A Kansas City porch project that is tabled one year because it couldn’t be done on time may not be picked back up until the same time the following year causing the same issues as before. These homeowners always tell us they wish they would have completed the project the previous year so it would be ready at the very beginning of spring the next year.

It’s important to begin the conversation with a reputable KC deck builder and balance any wait time against your lifetime enjoyment of your new porch, deck or outdoor living space. Many memories will be made and shared in your new space over the many years you own your home.

Give us a call for a free consultation at (913) 851-3325 or drop us an email at kansascity@archadeck.net. Take a look at some of our top website photo galleries: outdoor fireplace photo gallery, screened porch photo gallery, deck photo gallery.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

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Overland Park deck is now a screen porch and low maintenance deck

When these Overland Park homeowners called us, they had an aging small cedar deck.

We didn’t simply replace their wooden deck with a low maintenance deck.  They also wanted a screened porch. The new porch was designed to fit where they old deck was – connecting to the house at the logical connection. We mention logical connection for a reason. A porch is an extension to your home. It’s a great place for overflow and a great place to extend the living your do in a high use room in your house. Often the best place to connect to your home is from the kitchen or common living room such as the den. This porch is attached outside the family’s breakfast area.

low maintenance deck and screen porch in Overland Park KS

Low maintenance deck and screen porch in Overland Park KS

There are many other factors to consider when it comes to designing how a new roofed structure is attached to your home.

For example, roof connection is another factor. There may be a limited number of places a roof connection can be made with your existing home. There may also be constraints further dictating the roof shape and how/where it is attached. This particular home had a very steep sloped gable roof. The family was concerned about the amount of runoff from the steep slope. We designed a roof that would ensure smooth continuous water flow from the house roof in order to achieve the best drainage.

screen porch interior Overland Park KS

Screen porch interior in Overland Park KS

To add visual appeal to this porch, we added an inset gable. Take a look at how beautiful and visually appealing the inset gable is. The ceiling was finished with beadboard that the homeowners painted off white. The homeowners wanted an extra large fan that required special wiring which we designed and installed the circuitry for. The flooring for the porch is AZEK low-maintenance decking. The attached deck and stairs also use this AZEK decking.

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The attached deck has attractive black aluminum railing. This color is a nice contrast to the lighter decking color. It also provides nice visibility from the deck out to the backyard. In addition, the deck has lighting for evening enjoyment.

double-stairs-on-overland-park-screened-porch-750Paying continued attention to traffic flow, the deck has two sets of stairs. One descends toward of the front of the home and a steeper stair set descends to the backyard. There is yet another steep stair set descending from the far end of the screened porch out to another area of the yard. You can see how the yard’s asymmetrical elevation is managed with the elevated porch and stair sets with appropriate grades out to the yard.

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Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

If you are considering adding a porch or deck to your Overland Park or Kansas City area home,  drop us an email or give us a ring at (913) 851 – 3325. We look forward to working with you to design your new outdoor addition.

Improving a Room vs. Building a New Outdoor Room

An outdoor room could be the answer for you too!

When these Prairie Village homeowners initially called us, they were unhappy with an interior room, wishing that room was larger and had more light. They were looking for a screened porch to become an ideal outdoor room, a bright and airy living space – the sort of open and cheery feeling that their current living room did not have. Together with the homeowners, we put together a design that would open up their living room as well as give them the sunroom they wanted.

Porch builder Prarie Village KSThe exterior wall of their living room had a fireplace flanked with custom built-in bookcases. Although attractive, it made the room dark and gloomy. By removing the built-in bookshelves and replacing them with doors, we could extend the size of the room to include an entire screened porch. The doors would also allow light to enter into the once darker living room.

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The new doors we installed are full-glass inserts allowing the maximum amount of light to dance between the two rooms. From the porch side, the brick chimney is visible. The family was able to use the chimney as a design feature by mounting a TV on the fireplace exterior.

gable roof porch Prarie Village KSAlthough extending the living space was a challenge, it was relatively easy compared to the complicated roof connection the new space required. We had to extend and match an existing hip roof, change it to a gable roof, wrap it around a chimney and custom flash it to the chimney. In the picture, you can see where the chimney protrudes from the roof. The exterior house wall previously ended there. That small protruding section of the home had a hip roof. The new screened porch would have a gable roof to add as much light as possible to the porch and the adjoining living room. We also had to ensure that the space works in conjunction with the existing house rooflines to make it look as if the space was original to the home.

Prarie Village KS screened porchLooking at the room from the inside, you’ll see a generous cathedral ceiling. The gable roof had to be high in order to match and complement their existing hip roof. To reduce height inside, we installed a drop down collar tie ceiling. This provides feeling that it’s not excessively high.

The ceiling is finished with recessed lighting and a ceiling fan built in. The decking is AZEK for low maintenance.

At Archadeck of Kansas City, our goal is to build spaces that are solutions to how you want to live outside. Because the family wanted a brighter space than their living room, we were able to make their living room brighter and create a walkout to a large new porch for the ultimate double living room.

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Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Give Archadeck of Kansas City a ring for a free consultation or drop us an email or give us a ring at (913) 851 – 3325. We look forward to working with you to design your new outdoor addition.

Take a look at dozens of screened porch photos in the Prairie Village and Kansas City area market on our Archadeck of Kansas City website.

Should you give your outdoor contractor your exact budget?

We all know that every outdoor contractor does not have a standard price list. How do you work with your contractor to receive the best project bid?

We know there is a degree, if not a lot, of wiggle room in the pricing. We know that everything is negotiable when working with contractors. What we don’t know is the degree that contractor’s use this to their advantage to inflate profits and line their own pockets. And we don’t know the degree to which this has changed over the years. What is the “real” price? Are you paying too much?

Here are 3 things you need to know:

  1. There are trustworthy contractors and not-so-trustworthy contractors
  2. You must work with a contractor you can trust
  3. You will get more for your money if you’re honest with your contractor about your budget

There are trustworthy contractors and not-so-trustworthy contractors. You have a lot more to worry about if you don’t trust your contractor.

We don’t want to say there are less-than-honest contractors. Even more, though, we don’t want good contractors to have to take the rap. Most importantly, it’s important you have confidence in the trustworthiness of your contractor. As it relates to your budget, here’s why.

Kansas City porch with outdoor fireplaceImagine preparing a budget for a wedding dress. Imagine you have $1,000 to spend. You know there are dresses for $100 that will accomplish the same task. You know there are $200 that may look nearly as nice. But you have saved $1,000 and you want the best dress for that amount of money. What could possibly make two dresses that look similar have one that’s 5 times more expensive? Often we pay more for a good brand name because we are confident that the quality is built in. Perhaps we want a particular lace or silk that is only available in the higher price grouping. But perhaps what we really want is the dress that meets all of our objectives within our budget. Are we going to find that? If we’re being honest, we know the dress that meets all of our objectives will most likely not have every last detail we want. We trust that the sales person has the knowledge to get the absolute most out of our budget utilizing tools in their time-tested arsenal of getting the best product to the buyer.

This is exactly the same with your outdoor porch or deck contractor. There are a number of different elements involved in your custom space. Take a deck for example. Decking options range from standard pressure-treated pine all the way up to Ipe Brazilian hardwood and its similar price rival – PVC decking. Choosing the higher end decking alone could easily exceed your budget. Then there is railing. Again, there are less expensive wood options and a multitude of low-maintenance options ranging from aluminum to iron or PVC. Again, going with the high-end railing option could quickly exceed your initial budget. There are a number of additional options including custom shapes, upgraded stair designs, lighting and many more.

What if you are honest with your contractor about what you are looking for and what your budget is? What if you share all of the options you would like? Is it possible that your contractor has intimate knowledge of whether that particular upgrade is worth the additional investment? Is it possible that your contractor can recommend a number of alternatives that meet the same objective but leave you more flexibility with upgrades in other areas? Is it possible that your builder can suggest a construction design alternative to a material upgrade based on their experience and expertise? The answer is a resounding yes. The answer is yes if you work with a contractor you trust.

You will get more for your money if you’re honest with your contractor about your budget.

large AZEK deck Shawnee KS by Archadeck lrContractors who have been in the business for many years are successful because they help people design and build the best project that balances their wants and what their budget allows. Your trusted contractor is in the building business because they love building great home additions for people based on their wants and needs. Your trusted contractor has years of experience and expertise in selecting and working with any number of material and design options. Further, that trusted contractor has strong established relationships with subcontractors they can trust. This includes plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.

Should you give your outdoor contractor your real budget?

If you want the best project for your budget, you absolutely should.

How do you know that an outdoor contractor is reputable, trustworthy, talented, experienced and successful? One of the best ways is to learn from what their past customers have to say. Make sure the contractor is willing to provide references. Check their online reviews. Scour the online reviews. They either tell a story or they don’t. Low ratings at online review sites should give you pause. Few or no online ratings should give you pause.

At Archadeck of Kansas City, we are proud of our:

Angie’s list Super Service Award for 13 years, our A+ rating at the Kansas City Better Business Bureau and our 5-star rating on Houzz.

What’s your best option in considering contractors for your next Kansas City porch, deck or other outdoor project? Do your research. If you talk to more than one contractor, give them each the same information about your budget and your list of wants and needs. Carefully evaluate the proposed project and materials. Then do some more online research to confirm your contractor selection.

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Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

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