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Why is every one of our porches different?

It would seem that a builder that has been building a great product in a specified market for over a decade would have the design perfected. After all these years and hundreds of screen porches, might it be logical that there’s a great “universal” design? What is great is that we refuse the concept of universal design because not only is every home different but every family is different. The first question we ask on a consultation is how do you want to live in your screen porch? This seems like an easy question. Most people would say they look forward to having an extension of their home where they can enjoy the breeze, fresh air, closeness to sunlight, and easier access to the sights and smells of their back yard. But this doesn’t answer how you want to live on your screen porch. Here are a couple of key questions:

  1. Do you plan on dining on your screen porch?
  2. Do you plan on having a seating area on your screen porch
  3. Do you plan on having both dining and seating?
  4. What direction does the back of your home face?

The answers to these questions will help determine the size of the porch, the placement of the porch, and may even help determine the flooring material.

We could go on and on but instead, take a look at a few pictures of screen porches we’ve built in this area over the last decade: