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What does the Angie’s List Super Service Award really mean? How much weight should you give it when looking for a Kansas City contractor?


Archadeck of Kansas City has won the Super Service Award every year since 2009

There are a number of different review sites that consumers can take advantage of in researching contractor’s reputation and history. One of the most well-known and successful ones is Angie’s List. Angie’s List is known to be a good source to vet possible contractors. The reason Angie’s List reviews are highly regarded is for some of the following items you can count on with Angie’s List reviews.

The Angie’s List difference:

  • No anonymous reviews
  • Certified data collection process prevents companies and providers from reporting on themselves or their competitors.
  • Complaint Resolution Team intercedes when necessary
  • Both companies and providers respond to reports
  • Time and trouble taken to verify the accuracy of the reports that people post
  • Background checks and license checks performed of the contractors on Angie’s List
  • Standards exist for the number of reviews you should have and the time period of those reviews

There certainly are other sites available both paid and free but some are known to have suspect reviews that can be gamed. With many other sites, there is no process to monitor or validate the reviews.

Archadeck of Kansas City is proud to be the Angie’s List Super Service award winner every year since 2009. Angie’s List yearly measures the quality of all the reports turned in that year. They are then ranked to identify the best of the best. Less than 5% of all companies reviewed qualify for the award.

bbb logo template 300At Archadeck of Kansas City, we always urge all homeowners to do their due diligence. Even though you can feel fairly confident with the reviews on certain sites, it’s always a good idea to check other sites looking for confirmation. A couple more good places to check are The Better Business Bureau website, and Houzz.com which also provides a place for consumer reviews.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

If you are considering adding a new deck, porch or other outdoor living space to your Kansas City area home, give us a call for a free consultation. We look forward to your call at 913-851-3325. Please also visit our Archadeck of Kansas City website.


Why do I have to pay a deposit for my Kansas City deck project?

Almost as soon as the ink is dry on your contract with Archadeck of Kansas City for your new porch, deck or sunroom, the work will begin on your project. Not the actual building, but all of the extensive preparation that has to take place before ground can be broken. Some of this work is an investment of our time and expertise, but some of it goes well beyond that.

screen porch builder Leawood KSThe days of putting up a deck without a permit are gone if you are looking for a reputable contractor. After we complete the permit-ready plans for your outdoor living space, we submit them to the appropriate local government authority for approval. That requires that we pay a fee in advance. If the plans need to be blessed by a professional engineer, there may be an additional cost. These are non-refundable costs that we incur up front. This process may take several weeks, or even a month.

The second step is to begin ordering materials for your project. Some items like a load of pressure-treated pine 2x4s are available every day at the lumber yard, but some specialty or custom items like railings or synthetic boards from a supplier like TimberTech or AZEK, often need to be ordered.  Depending on the level of demand and what time of year it is, the lead time for an order may be several weeks or more, so we need to act early. Once we have placed the order, we are committed to spending that money. Composite floor Kansas City screened porch lrSo, part of your deposit will likely go to cover the cost of ordering your materials.

Your property may have unusual features or conditions that have to be addressed in advance and that preparation work may incur a cost. If you are installing a Kansas City outdoor gas fireplace, for example, we may need to make arrangements to run a gas line. Or perhaps there are utilities in the way that need to be rerouted or an existing structure that must be demolished. Sometimes we have to pay subcontractors, dumpster operators or other agencies to help get the pre-work done so that the “real” work can commence.

Finally, as you may have seen during your research, reputable builders often plan their jobs several months in advance. This includes scheduling both their own crews and the work of trusted subcontractors. Having a deposit in hand is an important guarantee that they will be able to make good on their commitments to their partners when the time comes. A client deposit is the industry’s standard indicator that plans are finalized and building will take place.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

If you’re considering adding a sunroom, or screened porch or other roofed structure to your home, give us a ring. Our consultation is free. We can discuss options, provide design ideas and of course give you a price quote to consider. Give us a call or send us an email. (913) 851 – 3325 or kansascity@archadeck.net.


What is your porch fireplace profile?

screen porch builder Leawood KSDo you love the idea of gathering with friends and family around shifting, crackling logs as you watch the sparks meander up the chimney? Perhaps you have fond memories of splitting logs out in the backyard with your dad and have always wanted to recapture that in your own home. Some people revel in the natural ambience created by a “genuine” wood-burning fireplace, complete with keeping the kindling pile stocked and with the necessary chore of sweeping out the ashes. If these scenarios sound familiar, you are a great candidate for a Kansas City fireplace built into your screened porch or sunroom.

Other people really respond to the warm, romantic mood created by the presence of a fire crackling nearby, but don’t want to have to do a lot of work to get it. What is better than flipping a switch on a wall or, even better, clicking a button on a remote, to bring a bright and cheery fire to life in your outdoor space? If you think  gas is the way to go, you have something in common with 95% of our customers who choose gas fireplaces over wood. Many love the value and convenience that gas provides.

Lenexa custom designed screened porchWho doesn’t want an outdoor fireplace? Believe it or not, fireplaces are not for everyone. Although they offer wonderful benefits in terms of helping you extend the usable season of your porch by keeping the space warm in all but the coldest months of the year, there are some practical considerations that might argue against installing a fire feature. You may want to maximize the panoramic porch view and don’t want to give up window space to a fireplace. Some properties don’t have good access to a gas line. Some homeowners prioritize spending their money elsewhere. Of those interested, we find that cost is the number one reason clients choose not to include a fireplace on their porch.

If you think you fall into group one or group two, give us a call and we will gladly discuss options for making a new fireplace the focal point of your Kansas City porch. We can show you options at a few different budget points. We can also discuss some fun decorating options for lighting, mantels, fronts, and surrounds. There are many, many ways to create a space your whole family will love.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

If you’re considering adding a sunroom, or screened porch or other roofed structure to your home, give us a ring. Our consultation is free. We can discuss options, provide design ideas and of course give you a price quote to consider. Give us a call or send us an email. (913) 851 – 3325, kansascity@archadeck.net or visit our website at kansas-city.archadeck.com

The benefits and drawbacks of using dark rich colors for your new deck

Kansas City AZEK deck in Acacia color with Deckorator balusters and cedar railing

Kansas City AZEK deck in Acacia color with Deckorator balusters and cedar railing

Dark rich colors for flooring are very popular right now both indoors and out. Many people are choosing darker colors for new hardwood flooring on the interior of their home. Similarly, many of our customers are choosing dark composite and PVC boards for their decking. There are a couple of factors that might help with your decision whether to use dark colors for your new deck. There is the aesthetic side as well as the practicality side. Aesthetically, the dark colors such as AZEK’s popular Acacia color are stunning. They make a dramatic impact and have strong visual appeal as you see in the photo above to the right.

AZEK acacia Archadeck of Kansas City

AZEK's dark Acacia board is a dark rich color

Here is a close-up of AZEK’s new Acacia color. This solid PVC decking board mimics the look of real wood.

From a practicality side, the drawback to dark wood for your deck is it shows dirt more easily. It’s like your black car. It looks beautiful especially when washed but soon after, it quickly and apparently gathers dust. Luckily, composite and PVC decking is low maintenance which makes cleaning very easy. Often the surface dirt can be removed with the spray of a hose.

AZEK Kona Terra collection Archadeck Kansas City

AZEK Kona is a warm dark hue

Another consideration is darker colors will be warmer to walk on in the hot sun especially if you walk barefoot a lot or don’t have much shade.

But, despite these challenges, AZEK’s new Acacia and AZEK Kona are two very popular dark colors from the AZEK line. From the TimberTech Earthwood line, Pacific Teak, Pacific Rosewood and Pacific Walnut are very popular. Below are color swatches for those colors.

TimberTech Pacific Rosewood Archadeck of Kansas City

TimberTech Pacific Rosewood from their Earthwood line

TimberTech Pacific Walnut Archadeck Kansas City

TimberTech Pacific Walnut from the Earthwood line

Steve Folsom - owner of Archadeck of Kansas City

Give us a call for a free consultation (913) 851 – 3325 or send us an email kansascity@archadeck.net. We look forward to discussing your next outdoor project.