Must a deck contractor be a great communicator?

As strange as it sounds, a majority of the complaints about deck contractors aren’t really about the quality of the end product. They are the byproduct of poor communications. When the customer and the deck contractor aren’t on the same page, it can lead to all kinds of problems, both big and small. Here are six ways that Archadeck takes care to keep our customers happy from start to finish ensuring our customers get the right communication at the right time.

  1. Most deck contractors didn’t get into the business they are in because they have fabulous communication skills, so they might not realize how important those skills are. We prioritize talking to all our customers regularly and making sure that they have ample opportunities to ask questions. We make a point to be consistent over time with information that we have provided to our clients to avoid any potential confusion. We pride ourselves on being easy to find and easy to talk to.
  2. Beyond speaking frequently with the homeowner, we stay in regular contact with our crews and our subcontractors. That helps to minimize surprises between all parties involved. It also means that if you have a question for someone working on your job site, they should have the same answer as someone from our office.
  3. We take the time to discuss topics others might overlook, such as conditions on the job site. We want to hear about the oak tree that is special to you or that you have a cat and two dogs who might be visiting our work area (on purpose or not). We also want to keep you up to date on potential areas of danger that could change from day to day. You should know when we are going to dig post holes so that you can be extra aware to watch your step.
  4. Keeping costs in line with customer expectations is an important part of our communications plan. We work diligently to talk about choices up front during the design process so that there is clarity about the final price you will pay. You’ll have plenty of time in advance to select the features, choices, and options that are right for you. You will also know the payment schedule up front so that you can make the necessary financial arrangements from your end.
  5. Honesty has to play a central role in communications between contractor and customer. When you ask for help in making a choice between one feature or another on your Kansas City deck project, we’ll help you decipher the true value of various features so you can prioritize where you want to invest in different amenities or upgrades. Take a look at online reviews from our other Kansas City customers to see our superior record in educating our customers to help them get an end result that exceeded expectations.
  6. Communications don’t have to just take place by conversation. An experienced, reputable porch or deck contractor will make sure that you receive a detailed price for all work in advance. This may even include a list of potential unexpected contingencies that may affect the final price. The presence of termite damage is an excellent example. We’ll do as complete and thorough a site survey as possible, but also do our best to warn you of any potential problems we anticipate may crop up.

For trusted deck builders Kansas City, choose Archadeck. We have been designing and building decks throughout the Kansas City Metro since 2001.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

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