Exactly where should I build my Kansas City screened porch?

Velux skylights Overland Park KS screen porchCustom screened porch and deck design is not a career field with lots of easy, all-purpose answers. That’s where the “custom” part comes in. Having said that, I do have some experienced guidance to help you along in the thought process of adding a new screened porch to your home. The really short answer to this common question is, “It depends on how you plan to use your porch.”

When you first started considering a new porch for your home, what got you thinking about that option? Did you go to a really enjoyable party at a friend’s house and find yourself thinking that you would like to host events like that? Perhaps you were watching a home improvement show and were really taken with the way a screened porch allows you to enjoy the best of being inside and outside at the same time. Maybe you were eating dinner in the yard one night and found yourself annoyed by insects or unexpected rainfall. Start with the activity that first inspired you and then start making a list of what you want to do with your new porch.

Your plans for using the space will be one of the primary driving factors in both location and design. If you want to eat lots of meals outside, it makes the most sense to try to locate the porch near the kitchen and to have some space available outside the porch for the grill or outdoor kitchen. If you envision your guests spilling out onto the porch from the living or family room when they come over to watch the Chiefs or the Royals play, you will want to have direct entry to your interior entertaining areas.

Some homeowners see their porch as a quiet retreat where they can curl up with a good book before bed or enjoy a cup of coffee and then newspaper first thing in the morning. In that case, the ideal location for the porch might be adjacent to the master suite. We do recommend some additional consideration on this location. Attaching a porch to your sleeping area will pretty much ensure that the owners of the master bedroom are the only ones that ever use the porch. This seems like a great idea if your view from the bedroom is overlooking a tremendously scenic area. One concern, and this is a serious concern, is that you are far from the coffee maker, the Lenexa screened porch and AZEK decktoaster, and the refrigerator. If you’re going to relax in your own private porch, you will often likely want to take a snack, a cup of coffee, or a cold refreshment with you. While it’s only a hop, skip, and jump to the kitchen, this may keep you from spending as much time out there as you originally thought.

One porch lover that seems to have no preference about location is the family pet. Regardless of the kind of companion animal you have, except perhaps fish, your pet will love spending time on your porch regardless of where you build it. They are some of our most satisfied customers.

Keep in mind that none of these plans excludes any of the others. Your porch will almost certainly end up being a mixed-use area. Once it is complete, you will find yourself looking for opportunities to go outside and enjoy it. You should also be aware that the other major deciding factor of location of your porch will be the layout of your home and available yard space. Don’t be alarmed or upset if a site inspection dictates that your porch has to go in a different area than you originally planned. It is still going to be a wonderful addition to your home.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

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