Kansas City Decks

I addressed setbacks in my last post and I wanted to address utility easements also. This is one more thing to consider when building your Kansas City deck. I’ve been involved in designing several Kansas City decks where my deck plans were affected by utility easements. In two cases there were sewer line easements that ran right up to the corner of customers homes. In one case the city would not consider a variance at all. Their position was that if there was a sewer line break they would want to repair it as swiftly and with as few obstacles as possible.

In the second case the city would allow a variance but at the owners own risk. If there was an emergency the city would destroy the deck if it impeded their repairs. If the deck needed to be rebuilt it was the homeowners expense. The city would not take any responsibility. These projects were both in exclusive areas on prime lots without the ability to build a nice deck or screen room to compliment the homes.

Plot plans are usually provided at the closing of your home but are usually available either on line in many cities or at the city offices in others. The best thing to do is to check these before purchasing a home in order to fully understand the property description and any rights of way or easements that other entities or persons may have on your property.