Screened Porches

One of the most rewarding things about being a home remodeler is the feeling of reward I receive when we complete a project for our clients.

Although this positive feedback is always rewarding it seems to be specially noticeable with screened porches, and so I enjoy designing and building them a great deal.   Of course one always has a goal of the client feeling very positive about the outcome of their project but there is something about a screened porch addition that seems to bring out the best feedback from people, especially once they see the finished product  exceeds  their expectations.   Since a screened porch offers more design and construction variation than a deck does, it gives that much more creative outlet for the designer and builder.   Materials which may not apply to an open deck, can offer great opportunity for color and texture variation in a roofed porch.  One screened porch feature that seems to be more and more popular is the option of a tile floor to replace wood decking flooring.   Traditional screened porches were almost always built with wood floors in the past, since it was readily available and economical.  Tile offers some great color and texture variations and is generally low maintenance when properly installed.   There are many potential pitfalls when designing and building a tile floor porch, from uneven surfaces to cracking tilework and inadequate support structures.  All of these pitfalls can be overcome by good design and quality construction and the result can be very rewarding.    Is there something about a screened porch that generates positive feelings in most people?  Maybe its the fact that everyone likes to be outdoors without being exposed to the weather and the sun too much…….whatever the emotion we need more of it, since positive feelings are never in oversupply in this world.