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How much should a new Kansas City area deck cost?

large AZEK deck Shawnee KS by Archadeck lrThis is an all-too-common question. It would be great to new that a new wood deck should cost within a particular range. The problem is the range of possibilities and options. Gone are the days of yesteryear when a deck was often a relatively small rectangular shape made of pressure-treated wood with a couple of stairs. Just look at any magazine or at the homes of your neighbors and friends. Today’s decks are anything but straight and narrow.

Here are some of the factors that help determine how much a new deck should cost:

There are 3 big variables to consider

  1. Size/shape/footprint
  2. Materials
  3. Amenities (lighting, features, associated structures, skirting/lattice, custom steps – most decks have steps – size, shape, design of steps


Metal railings w/ cedar deck

Metal railings w/ cedar deck


The first variable is the size and shape of your new deck. Will it be a fairly standard shape or will it have a variety of different angles? Will your new deck be low to the ground or will it be quite elevated. A significant factor is the height up in the air. It’s an important consideration because the higher in the air; the more expensive it is to build. It takes more work and also more materials. There are other factors as it relates to size and shape. If the deck is an unusual shape, has a variety of angles, or includes special areas such as a grill bump out, this will affect the price. These special features not only require more construction time but require more material. Further, depending on the standard shapes and sizes that the various materials come in, special design features may require additional material. Unusual artistic shapes create more labor, more time, higher costs.

It’s also important to note that different sizes require different degrees of structural support. It’s a component of longevity and price.  The key to good design is creative attractive shapes with getting too much more expensive.

Lenexa AZEK deck screen porch with TVMaterials:

It’s easy to underestimate the cost of materials. not only are many more materials needed than deck boards, bolts, and nails; each of these has a variety of options. There are many man-made products at many different prices. That range is quite wide. Even in woods, there are quite a few different price levels. As a general rule, the man-made materials are higher. How much higher? It depends on these common factors we’ve noted.

In addition to decking materials is the railing cost. There are are so many different types of railings now. These include wood railings, blended (post and rail made of different material), vinyl, composite and more. Therefore, railing prices vary widely. Believe it or not, different railings can vary the price by thousands of dollars.

cedar deck metal rail 2

This deck by Archadeck of Kansas City takes advantage of multiple leveling to allocate function and usable space


Deck amenities can include lighting, custom flooring and even electrical options. Deck lighting can be typical or more custom. In addition to the lighting choices, there are different quality levels within each of those choices. A custom flooring pattern is an amenity that adds to labor and could add to materials cost because there could be more waste. Some custom flooring options even require underneath to be redesigned.

Another key amenity are steps. There are many options besides the standard set of stairs and these can achieve different objectives. For example, wider stairs can also be used for some overflow seating or even for placing some potted plants to the edges. You may want a larger landing or to add a landing to a long stair set so the stairs take up a smaller footprint in your yard.

Overland Park screen porch AZEK deck Fortress Rail

The deck to the left of this screened porch is small but just the right size for a grill and some space to enjoy grilling.

In summary:

The range of options is really, really wide – so much wider than it was 10-20 yrs. ago. Not only is there a range within a category, there is a range from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer. The exact same size deck made with the least expensive wood and railing could be more than doubled or tripled with all the fancy materials, amenities and features such as high end railings, or lighting.

If that isn’t enough, there’s yet another factor to consider which is building permits. Each city determines the price for their permit. In this area, a deck permit can be up to $500 which is a significant part of the overall price.

The bottom line is that as designers, we’re trying to blend the deck design with all the different features into the overall budget goals.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

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Doing it right the second time

Kansas City TimberTech Pacific Walnut deckMost new homes come with a deck.  The builder often adds on a small deck at the end of the job in order to say the home has a deck. But, those “builder decks” often don’t fit the bill of what homeowners are looking for.

We recently built a new deck for homeowners in Lee’s Summit, MO. Their builder deck was small and tired. In rebuilding the area, their goal was to do it right this time around. They identified what their dream backyard would include and called on us to build it.

Lees Summit MO TimberTech deckThese homeowners decided on an elevated deck that was nearly 2.5 times the size of the original deck. They wanted to combine an element of style and a unique look with low maintenance and high durability so they used low-maintenance materials. The older deck was removed and we built the new deck with TimberTech low maintenance decking materials.

TimberTech deck Lees Summit MOFor the deck, we used TimberTech Pacific Walnut which is a very popular color in TimberTech’s Earthwoods line. They also selected TimberTech radiance railing with metal balusters and custom LED lights. LED lights not only have the best durability of any light on the market, but in addition provide a bright even light with low electricity usage. Black railing is very popular. It contrasts nicely with the deck color but it also provides more visibility to the back yard. Because of the dark color and slender profile, your eye is naturally drawn to what lies beyond the railing.

This outdoor living space was paired with a lower patio made with Belgard pavers.  The paver patio has custom steps leading down to it from the deck.

This family took their time and made sure to do it right the second time. They went from a tiny no frills deck to a full outdoor living area including a deck and paver patio.

Steve FolsomIf you are considering adding a new deck, porch, or other structure to your Kansas City area home, give us a call for a free consultation at (913) 851 – 3325. You can reach us via email at