How does a screened porch change the way you entertain at the holidays and throughout the year?

How many times have you been in a situation where you’re deciding who will host an event and you have to pass to someone else because that number of guests will just make for too close of quarters at your house? Do you have a girls’ group or guys’ group that you meet with regularly but you don’t offer to host because you don’t have a private space in your home where you can either make a little noise or enjoy some privacy?

When we first begin having a discussion with homeowners who are looking for a new screened porch, we ask them how they want to live outside. Most homeowners look forward to enjoying meals while enjoying a more unobstructed view of their yard. Many homeowners are looking for a private retreat where they can get away and watch TV or enjoy the fireplace leaving the phones and computers inside the house. An often unexpected benefit is having a place to entertain. Better yet, you can close the door between the house and the porch having a totally new private area in your home.

Over the holidays, there is yet another unintended benefit of having an extra room attached to your house. With the addition of some portable heating, you can extend the use of your screened porch to include many months throughout the year increasing the number of people you can comfortably entertain.

Here are some ways having a screened porch will improve the way you entertain. Are you hoping to have the family party for next 4th of July? Don’t cram the kid’s table into a corner of the living room. Put the kids’ table out on the screened porch giving them their own private dining room. When the grandkids come to visit, do you need a special playroom to give you and them a little break time during the visit? Because a screened porch is completely enclosed, you can feel safe allowing them to enjoy the porch playroom while you cook, clean or have a little break. When the college kids come home for the holidays, do they sometimes ask to bring one more guests than you have room for? Depending on the size of the sofa on your screened porch, it might serve as the perfect “extra bedroom” in a pinch. Does your dog love the family but become quite raucous when a new guest comes to your home? The comfortable and spacious porch may be a good place for your pets to hang out ensuring they don’t scare off your guests.

One thing we would all love is some overflow room. Perhaps you have a fabulous kitchen where guests and family members congregate. Likely quarters become just a little too tight depending on how many guests you’re entertaining. Since a porch is nearly always connected to the kitchen or eating area, open the door(s) to allow overflow traffic onto your porch. Even in the colder months, a space heater and/or the heat from the porch fireplace will make the room comfortable enough for your overflow traffic to spread out or find another couple seats for enjoying the food you prepared.

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