Did you know that building prices are better in the winter?

My personal belief is that the best customers are ones that are well informed, so I do everything that I can to answer each client’s questions and to supply key information that they might not think to ask about. For instance, there is no reason that the average homeowner would know that many manufacturers announce price increases on their building materials early each calendar year.

Since you want the best value for your money, this is important knowledge to have. Even builders and contractors like Archadeck of Kansas City don’t get much advance notice of price changes. We wish we did so that we could tell homeowners that a project will cost X price now, but will increase to Y price on a specific date. All we can state with certainty is that the industry pattern is to raise prices for construction materials during the first few months of a new year.

One reason for this phenomenon is that new home construction and home improvement projects nationwide typically fall off during the winter months.  This is true in Kansas City as well, but we are able to build in this area almost all year–unless there is ice or snow on the ground. Call our office almost any day of the week and we can name multiple building sites where you will find Archadeck crews working on a project.

Another reason that we expect to see increased prices soon is that the construction industry has been on an upswing for the past two years. That means higher demand for all types of building materials: wood, non-wood, fixtures, stone, manufactured trim pieces, and all the other components that are necessary to build your deck, patio or porch. Locking in prices now may mean that you may pay less for your project or will be able to afford some upgrades that will be out of reach in a few months at your desired price point.

In addition, contracting for your backyard addition now will also give you use of your new living space sooner. We can get you on the schedule now when the calendar is a little less crowded and we don’t have the delays often caused by spring rains. You can enjoy your new space as soon as the weather turns warm. If you want to take advantage of the time and financial benefits of building in winter, plan on committing to your building project by the end of December or mid-January at the latest.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

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