What’s on your wish list for your Overland Park porch?

Overland Park open porch builder lrI don’t think of myself as a deck or porch builder per se. I create personal outdoor spaces where people can connect with friends and family in a way that is meaningful for them. This distinction is very important. Any builder can take a set of mass-produced plans and recreate them in your backyard. I listen to how my clients talk about how they want to live outside. No two customers are the same– every Overland Park porch should not be either.

This Overland Park porch project that is a testament to the clients’ love of the outdoors. They wanted to replace an older existing area with a light, airy porch that let them be in the yard while offering protection from sun and rain. We didn’t screen it because bugs are not an issue for them; they value openness. They also envisioned this Open porch with deck Overland Park KS lrspace as being a “second dining room.” The porch is just a few steps from the main eating area inside and has a small adjoining deck for grilling. It couldn’t be more convenient.

They wanted a very compact stair configuration so as to not eat up yard space so we used the smallest footprint by aligning the staircase with the deck. Next to the stairs, we left some beloved trees untouched. A few years from now those trees will provide additional shade and privacy.

Combination shed and gable roof Overland Park porch lrThe home’s existing lines and window configuration suggested a combination shed and gable roof. The gables give the space additional light and airiness. The ceiling fan can create a breeze if there is none that day. We also painted the posts and columns to match the home and the Afco powder coated aluminum rail blends beautifully with the furniture the customers selected. The slender profile, dark color railings, draw your eyes up and into the yard.

The finished beadboard ceiling makes the porch feel like an interior space even while it is completely open. The canister lights add to that impression. The tongue-and-groove look of the beadboard has a clean, classic look that doesn’t distract from the yard view. The AZEK Silver Oak flooring fits in easily with the lines and colors of the rest of the porch and is a snap to maintain.

As outdoors-focused as this project is, our clients still want to be able to watch the occasional game or show from their porch, so we mounted a TV out there as well. For this family, that was it.  We hit all of the items on the wish list. The porch matches the style of their home and their lives. They have a wonderful new space that enriches their lives everyday.

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

Bonnie and Dan Hall, Archadeck of Kansas City Owners

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