How long should it take for your new porch to be built?

Why does it take different builders different lengths of time to build the same project? Is there a formula for determining how long it should take? Believe it or not, the same project in the same place can take 2-3 weeks with one builder and 3-4 months with another builder. Here are some reasons why.

Lots of moving parts
Building porches and outdoor rooms requires a number of people to complete the job including the builder, roofers and electricians just to name a few. In addition to having more people working on the project, there are also more building inspections as most areas require multiple inspections on a roofed porch.

Experience counts
Each of the parts of the design-and-build process is dependent on other parts. A slowdown in one part will throw off the dates for other parts of the process. Further, if the next step requires the use of a subcontractor, that subcontractor might not be available on a date other than initially communicated.

There are a wide variety of building products which necessitate multiple deliveries from multiple places. An experienced contractor will order in a way that the right building materials are ready at the job at the right time.

A reputable builder will have strong established relationships with strong subcontractors. Electrical is a great example. All rooms require electrical and in almost every case, they require a licensed electrician. If the builder doesn’t have an excellent electrician and an excellent relationship with that electrician, that can really drag out the process. If the builder uses a lower rate electrician, that can cause further delays with failed inspections.

Bottom line?
A high quality porch can be built in 2-3 weeks depending on weather conditions if built by an experienced porch contractor. A general rule of thumb is the most professional person and the most experienced is often the quickest. In addition to hiring an experienced builder, it’s also important to hire a builder experienced at building your particular project. For example, there is no roof design that we haven’t already completed in the past.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

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