Top Five Reasons To Plan Ahead For Your Kansas City Porch

Deciding to add a porch to your home is a big decision. A new porch doesn’t only add to your home, after all; it enhances your lifestyle. For many people, it becomes their favorite room in the house.

Lenexa KS outdoor fireplace on porch Archadeck Kansas City

Lenexa KS outdoor fireplace on porch Archadeck Kansas City

To find a reputable builder you can trust with such an investment, we suggest two things: research and patience. A quality porch takes time. It takes planning and it likely comes with a waiting list. For these reasons, you may need to begin your project several months prior to your porch’s construction.

Here are five reasons why you should plan ahead for your porch with Archadeck of Kansas City:

  1. A waiting list is a good sign. Well-regarded builders have waiting lists for good reason: a porch is an investment in your home, and you need to entrust it with a respected builder. If you envision enjoying a brisk Kansas City evening on your porch in October, then you’ll need to begin the process three to four months prior.
  2. The best price is now. Because of a resurgence in building – due to an improving economy and post-storm renovations – prices for building materials are expected to continue to rise. In addition the new year is typically when materials’ suppliers announce price increases for the new year. By beginning your porch project now, you may secure a rate you won’t be able to get in several months.
  3. Time your landscaping. When planning ahead for your porch, think about timing the landscape adjustments to your yard’s new footprint. By planning ahead, you can time planting for the most natural and opportune time. Fall is usually an ideal time for landscaping, when the ground is ripe and temperatures are mild.
  4. Advance planning is key. “A man who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door,” said Confucius. Giving your contractors time to plan your porch will result in a higher-quality porch, a design that better fits your needs, and a smoother building process.
  5. Wind, rain, and acts of God. The part of the process we cannot control is the weather. By beginning your porch months early, we can compensate for unforeseen extreme weather conditions.

Waiting a few months for a high-quality porch built by a trusted builder is a worthwhile use of time. Let’s start the process of building your porch now, and within a few months, you just might have your new favorite room.

Steve Folsom - Kansas City deck and porch builder

Steve Folsom – Kansas City deck and porch builder

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